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Questions from My Students

June 15, 2012

Tomorrow will be the fifteenth consecutive graduation I have attended.  To mark this occasion, I have decided to assemble a list of questions my students have asked me over the years–many of which I still get on a regular basis.  None of these are fabricated, and have all been asked of me over the last decade and a half.  I am sure there are others that have slipped down the memory hole, but these have stayed with me.  I decided to present these in the form of poem.  I hope you enjoy it.

Questions from My Students

Am I in this class?

Is Socrates still dead?

England’s on an island?

When did that happen?

Is that clock right?

What country is Africa in?

What country was Martin Luther King of?

Can I go to the bathroom real quick?

Is this going to be on the test?*

Wasn’t Columbus on the Mayflower?

Isn’t the pope Jewish?

That’s not due today, is it?

Did they have rivers and oceans in the 1830s?

Aren’t Iran and Iraq the same country?

Should I be writing this down?

Japanese people aren’t from China?

Isn’t President Obama a Muslim?

New Mexico isn’t in Mexico?

Alaska isn’t off the coast of Florida?

Then why did they put it there on the map?

Do we have to answer all of these questions?

*Asked during a test review

You might be happy to know I am preparing a follow-up entitled “Sarcastic Responses I Give My Students.”  That will be for another time.

And for those of you expecting a new story, they will continue next time.

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