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Summer Check In

August 6, 2018

I had planned to write a blog post about the writing I had managed to complete, but it occurred to me that my summer has been so much more.  Thus, invoking the spirit of the Harper’s Index, I present my Summer So Far:

Number of scripts completed: 4

Number of books read: 4

Number of turtles rescued from the road: 4 (It might actually be three–I think I rescued the same one twice.  Hard to know with turtles.)

Number of concerts attended: 2 (Michael Franti and Brianna Thomas with Wycliffe Gordon)

Number of times running into Michael Franti in line at a food truck: 1

Trips to the New York Botanical Garden: 1

Number of plays I have written staged by an acting company that failed to invite me to their performance: 1

Trips to Rochester, NY to celebrate my girlfriend’s mother’s birthday: 1

Number of household organizing projects completed: 7

Number of end tables assembled: 1

Number of framed pictures hung: 2

Number of terrifying documentaries (“Three Identical Strangers”) seen about a social experiment to separate twins at birth: 1 (that’s plenty)

Number of kayak trips on Lake Taghkanic: 1 (that’s not enough)


Number of pounds lost: 8

Number of attended midnight showings of “The Room,” possibly the worst film ever made: 1

Number of spoons thrown during screening of “The Room:”  Too many to count

Number of classic TV Series binge watched:  1 (“The Prisoner”)

Number of blog posts written: 2

Number of girlfriend’s granddaughters: 2

Number of girlfriend’s granddaughters who are awesome and so much fun to spend time with: 2

Number of camping trips I had to back out of due to poor health: 1

Number of Parkinson’s clinical trials participated in: 1

Number of gardens planted in girlfriend’s back yard: 1

Number of sumac trees cut down in girlfriend’s front yard: 14

Number of experiences of sumac poisoning: 1

Number of accidental compost fires: 1

Number of therapeutic massages: 5

Number of doctor’s appointments: 5

Number of yoga stretches, boxing punches thrown, acupuncture needles received, underwater exercises, great meals, cups of tea, hugs, kisses, doggie cuddles: Too many to count.

Times I felt loved like I never have before: every second that passed.






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  1. Dennis Brezina permalink
    August 7, 2018 12:29 pm

    K, Careful! Don’t cut down any cherry trees… D…

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